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Landscaping project completed in Woodley

A small back garden re-landscaped for a landlord and for the benefit of new tenants
For a landlord so you appreciate this is always a tight budget.. but hopefully the end result is quite pleasing ?

We kept pretty much same layout as before but with a much cleaner, modern look. Above all simple to maintain:
- all paving slabs are Marshalls textured saxon in natural colour
- brick edging around the lawn. No fences have been redone so we had to work around them, though some were not in line at all :/
- rebuilt front and back walls along with new wide steps, made with multi coloured, textured and lovely looking engineering bricks
- we've created a planting bed along the pathway which for the time being is filled with bark chips
- and two small square planting spaces on the top patio area

No plants were priced in, but hopefully new tenants will put in something suitable that they like.

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