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driveway grid laid and new gate installed

Some recent landscaping work in one of the gardens in Caversham / Reading

Amongst the most important work which were gates and front driveway bays we have added a bit of patio in the back garden, cleared gravel driveway and topped it up with more stones.

Driveway bays ( in front of the newly installed gates ) have been laid with plastic grids filled with gravel. That is very helpful to keep gravel in its place and prevents any dips in the surface that are otherwise created by vehicles. It should all be looking as good in years to come as it looks now.

New double gates have been made to order by a local supplier. All fitted in by us.
Little things matter so apart from standard gate features like drop bolts, throw over loop, hasp and staple lock we have added some hooks to hold it attached to the wall when open. No more gate closing on your car.

Please have a look at some photos below.

Please contact us if you need similar work done or any other landscaping work around the Reading area


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